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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Aldershot. Statistics show that you are less likely to be targeted by burglars if you have an alarm system installed. As well as that burglar alarm systems will lower your insurance premium. You must, however, be familiar with your insurance coverage. In most cases, if your system is broken or your warranty has expired, you will not be qualified to file a claim.

No matter your property, we can create, install, and manage a high-quality alarm system that is personalised for you. We have expertise dealing with a variety of locations and have been awarded the National Security Inspectorate’s renowned NSI Gold accreditation. so that we can guarantee the best possible craftsmanship for you.

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Our services at Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Aldershot

At Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Aldershot you can drastically reduce the risk of intruders and get one of our systems installed. You may secure both the inside of your house and the access points by putting an alarm. In order to satisfy all of your demands, we provide a choice of solutions. Including a DualCom alarm system and a monitored burglar alarm. You will receive notifications when utilising a monitored alarm over a secure phone line or a radio transmission. DualCom systems will provide you rapid-fire notifications and will also call the police.

We can provide you our maintenance services whether or not we installed your alarm system.

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As Titus Intruder Alarm Installation Aldershot are a local company we are more than happy to provide a free call-out service to all prospective clients.

Additionally, we provide all seniors over 65 with free quotations and a 10% discount. If you are unclear about which system to choose, you shouldn’t worry. You can get honest and unbiased advice from our qualified experts.

Our engineers constantly attend training sessions to keep their skills and knowledge current. Always put the interests of the customer first in all we do. i.e., you never have to be concerned about unforeseen expenses or commitments.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact Titus Alarm no matter what your demands are. Install one of our alarm systems today to start the process of securing your home. We are always delighted to assist you.

Give us a call on 01252 412 410.

About Aldershot

Prior to 1850, Aldershot was little known. There was little to no people in the region, which was a huge expanse of common ground that was unfit for most sorts of cultivation. The extensive settlement of Crondall in the northeastern corner of Hampshire was unquestionably Scandinavian as it was at the time of the Domesday Survey in 1086. This is because one of the customs of that large manor, which included Crondall, Yateley, Farnborough, and Aldershot, was that of sole inheritance by the eldest daughter in the absence of sons, which is a peculiarly Norse custom.

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