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Alarm systems, CCTV systems and door entry systems are made of electronic components which may develop faults for a variety of reasons including lack of maintenance. A home alarm system or CCTV system that was deprived of maintenance will eventually result in repeated false alarms, sometimes during the night, to the annoyance of the residents and a nuisance to the neighbours. To avoid expensive repair costs and for your peace of mind, Titus Alarm And CCTV recommend servicing and maintenance on a regular basis, at least annually.

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New Systems

Your new CCTV system, alarm system or door entry system can be serviced on a regular basis as to ensure the system remains in full working order at all times and your home remains secure. As a maintenance customer you will also have access to our 24 hour emergency call out service and you will have priority over any non-maintained site.

Regular inspections and maintenance can prevent faults from developing and pre-empt issues with your home security system which might otherwise require an unwanted expensive emergency call-out visit by an engineer.

You can rest assured that all our products are backed up with a full 12 months parts exchange no quibble warranty.

Already Have a System?

Titus Security can take over your existing CCTV systems,alarm system or door entry system as it is, or if you are requiring a system upgrade we can provide you with a competitive cost to do that too. Better yet, we even guarantee you will pay us less to maintain and monitor your system than your current supplier! We carry out a full survey to ensure we can access and have spares for your system prior to taking over your maintenance.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire system maintenance is essential. A poorly maintained system can put both people and property in danger whilst insurance policies may also be made void.

Did you know that if your Fire Alarm is not covered by a maintenance agreement programme then it does not comply with BS 5839.

We can tailor your servicing to ensure you meet the requirements in the most cost effective way, we do this by training your staff on weekly test procedures backed up by our routine servicing.

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