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Titus Alarm & CCTV Maintenance Leicester is here to defend you, your family, and your loved ones. Further, we can do this by installing one of our progressive CCTV systems and advise with a mixture of other security measures.

Further, despite the benefits of staying in the digital age, there are also some hindrances. Indisputably burglaries are developing more skills, applying technology to their new devices. Vitally, using this to break into your home. Therefore, protecting your home had never been more complicated. Mostly, never feel unsafe in your own home again; get one of our sophisticated CCTV systems.

Moreover, not only do investigations show that CCTV at your home or business does lessen the probability of a crime happening at that grounds. Also, the potential thief will go on to another home that does not have CCTV. Also, another use of CCTV is to give evidence; it could be used as legit evidence in court if the unbelievable were to occur.

CCTV Maintenance Leicester

First, our CCTV Maintenance Leicester, we have a high range of functions, from protecting, working as a warning, monitoring staffs, checking health and safety practices, to checking on traffic congestion, interior observing or make sure your garden does not get vandalized. All of which is provided by us at an affordable rate.


Other features our CCTV systems contain are:

  • Non-stop footage, announcements of burglars or proceedings straight to your mobile device, complete entree to your system from a mobile, tablet or computer from anyplace in the ecosphere.


Titus Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Leicester – Mobile App

Importantly, our mobile-friendly app which you can log into from your mobile device you can monitor your cameras at any time of the day and anyplace in the world. Also, it provides you with remote viewing access. You can download the app on your mobile, laptop, tablet or PC as long as they are Android or IOS devices. The app provides you with 4K UHD resolution and flow of live footage, regardless of where you are in the world.

Call Titus Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Leicester

It is essential to take the footstep in defending your home and business. Further, contact us at Titus Alarm & CCTV Maintenance Leicester.  Importantly, for the most trustworthy, well-known, and dependable CCTV business in Backburn-search no more, we will assist you. Overall, our engineers will provide you with a free call-out service.  Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01162162794. Importantly, we are more than pleased to help.

Leicester History

Mainly, Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England, with a history going back at least two millennia. The native Iron Age settlement encountered by the Romans at the site seems to have developed in the 2nd or 1st centuries BC. Little is known about this settlement or the condition of the River Soar at this time, although roundhouses from this era have been excavated and seem to have clustered along roughly 8 hectares (20 acres) of the east bank of the Soar above its confluence with the Trent. This area of the Soar was split into two channels. 

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